A writer who happens to use a blog as one medium amongst others

“Blogging” describes the medium rather than the activity. When one is blogging, they are writing with the intent to publish on a website that displays content in a reverse chronological feed.

But it also has certain connotations. A blogger will be young; will have a focus on the instantaneous and immediate; will be innovative, looking for page views, and untrained as a writer; and usually favours quantity over quality.

We can see the real confusion over the term when we look at how many large news organisations now publish their articles in a reverse chronological feed. Are journalists then bloggers? By definition, yes, by connotation, no.

Many great writers of the twentieth century started off as junior journalists, covering issues that fit most of my descriptions of a blogger above. But they were always writers—there wasn’t a term that was applied to them to diminish their work.

The great writers of the twenty-first century might never publish in print; their medium might always be the blog.

And make no mistake. They are still writers.

They are writers who happen to use a blog as one medium amongst others.

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