I’m at home in Wellington until mid-January when I return to Yale-NUS for my final semester.

I’m writing my thesis, advised by Pericles Lewis, on the philosophy of liberal education. That has been the focal point for much wider reading and thinking I’ve been doing this year around education. I published an essay with some of my views on the state of tertiary education in New Zealand, and why we need to think seriously about liberal education, here.

I’ve been working on researching and cataloguing my grandparents’ collection of modern New Zealand art. I’ve also been writing about art. A couple of essays I’ve published on my blog: Rita Angus , and Summer With Picasso and Giacometti.

I was unsuccessful at the national round for a Rhodes Scholarship for the second year in a row. Still working on post-graduation plans.

On my summer reading list:

  • Monte Holcroft’s Encircling Seas and The Deepening Stream (early essays on development of NZ culture)
  • Susan Sontag’s 1946-1980 diaries, As Consciousness Harnessed to Flesh
  • Theodore Zeldin’s The Hidden Pleasures of Life (i.e. essays like “What is the great adventure of our time?”, and “What alternatives are there to being a rebel?”)
  • Letters of J.C. Beaglehole, edited by Tim Beaglehole
  • The new monograph on Gordon Walters

This update published December 2017.